Clece brings the latest in hospital disinfection technology to Madrid

Madrid, May 2015. Clece, the leading multiservices company in the provision of comprehensive services for businesses, unveiled an innovative piece of hospital disinfection equipment from the American company Xenex Disinfection Services at the Teatros del Canal recently. The germ-zapping Xenex robot uses UV light generated by Xenon gas lamps to destroy pathogenic micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses, in just a few minutes. The robot is a pioneering innovation in Spain, where Clece is the first company in the sector to implement this disinfection technology in the hospitals it serves. In the rest of Europe, the only other hospital with this technology is in the UK, where a study is being conducted.

Clece, which has exclusive use of this technology in Spain and Portugal, is taking a significant step forward in cleaning and disinfection techniques with this robot, as part of the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence. The use of such state-of-the-art tools places Clece at the forefront of the cleaning and disinfection market, as well as helping to create safer environments.

The robot complements the current cleaning and disinfection method for hospital surfaces used by Clece, strengthening the cleaning and disinfection of patients’ rooms infected by multi-resistant micro-organisms. In American hospitals, the robot has been used to disinfect patients with the Ebola virus.

Disinfection by UV light

UV light generated by Xenon gas lamps passes through the cell walls of bacteria, viruses and bacterium spores. Once the ultraviolet radiation is inside the micro-organism, it causes damage that prevents any cellular multiplication. The system is completely safe, as it is fitted with the maximum safety measures.

The main advantages of the robot are as follows:

  • It protects the health of hospital users and professionals by improving the quality of disinfection not just on surfaces but also in the air.
  • Great performance, which means shorter cleaning times, as the robot’s disinfection cycles take no more than five minutes.
  • The technology behind this disinfection device is completely green, as it uses no chemical products at all.

Xenex and Clece managers stated how satisfied they were with the robot’s implementation in Spanish hospitals, as it represents a significant step forward in terms of innovation. This disinfection technology provided by Clece is expected to be incorporated into other hospitals soon.

Demonstration video

A link is provided for you to download a video that demonstrates how the robot works:
Click on this link to download a video demonstrating how the robot works