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Special Employment Centres (CEE)

Integra CEE is our Special Employment Centre.  The Centre was set up in 2001 in order to promote the social and occupational inclusion of people with physical, psychological or sensory differences, working hand-in-hand with private companies and public organisations.

INTEGRA“Working for equality of opportunity and the socio-occupational inclusion for people with functional differences”

Currently the Centre has more than 3,400 people on its staff, of whom, 87% have some form of functional difference, well above the 70% established in law.  Every day, a team of professionals provide a quality service to hundreds of public and private companies. These include professional cleaning services for buildings and premises, maintenance, integrated management services, and logistics or auxiliary services.

To make this possible, Integra CEE has the assistance of the Support Unit, a team of 58 people who provide integrated and individual services, which encourages the creation of a positive environment for inclusion, identifying needs and resolving any issues which may arise, from the selection of employees, to their induction, training and job performance.

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