Social Project

Our project

Clece Social is the social project of Clece. It is the expression of its commitment to people. By commitment, we do not mean a company duty or the creation of a corporate social responsibility strategy, but something inherent to the origin and development of the company: a company by the people for the people.

Clece Social Challenges

  • To promote continuing employment, offering people the opportunity to obtain employment and encouraging their professional and personal development.
  • To drive equality of opportunity through the integration of people from disadvantaged collectives, principally those with disabilities, people at risk of social exclusion, women who suffer gender-based violence, victims of terrorism, and the young long-term unemployed.
  • To raise awareness in the population of the reality lived by the most vulnerable collectives in society and of the situation in which they find themselves.
  • Beyond its business activities, Clece is committed to improve the quality of life, social integration and awareness of the users of its services, principally the elderly and children.

Social collaborators

In order to make the project possible, Clece collaborates with more than 350 entities:

At national level

Since 2014 we have collaborated with the Ministry of the Interior on raising awareness of terrorist violence and the job placement of victims of terrorism.

Since 2013 we have worked with the Red Cross on a mutual collaboration framework, which promotes the workplace integration of people who have significant problems in accessing employment, through the job placement of disadvantaged collectives and non-contractual internships.

Since 2014 we have collaborated with La Caixa in the placement of people with special employability difficulties through the Incorpora program, providing opportunities to directly integrate through business internships.

Since 2013, we have played an active role together with the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality in promoting awareness of Gender-Based Violence and the placement of its victims in employment with a real commitment to an annual contract.

We also work with

Formed in 2004, its mission is to create equality of employment opportunity thanks to the integration into the workplace of people at risk of social exclusion.

Created in 1999, it focuses on the employability of people who for different reasons find it extremely difficult to find work.

Formed in 1983, its aim is to contribute to social improvement and the development of people through guidance and training focused on children, adolescents and the family.

Formed in 2009, it is committed to the workplace integration of people with disabilities, supporting personal autonomy and training and long-term employment prospects.

It offers training and employment through projects whose main characteristic is individual support for people starting the process of entry into society and employment.