Principios Éticos: Profesionalidad y Conducta .Grupo Clece


CLECE has put together a Code of Ethics that contains guidelines for action and conduct that must be observed by all its employees.

As a means of checking and follow up against the guidelines, an ethics channel has also been implemented in order that different groups interacting with CLECE – employees, clients, suppliers etc., – can raise complaints and communicate queries regarding the same.

You only have to identify yourself and give the reason for your communication. CLECE guarantees confidentiality, especially with regard to complaints. It is committed to adopting the required actions in each case.


Though the ethics channel, anyone can communicate serious irregularities that may have occurred or may occur in Clece or in any of its subsidiaries.

IMPORTANT: Misconduct communicated via this channel has to be serious or very serious.

What is a serious irregularity or serious misconduct?

By way of example, the serious or very serious misconduct referred to in the above paragraph could be as follows:

  • Bribery of public servants, or improper offers or proposals made to public servants.
  • Corrupción entre empresas, proveedores, subcontratas, y con Administraciones Públicas.
  • Corruption involving companies, suppliers and subcontractors, and Public Administrative Authorities.
  • Acts against public health.
  • Alteration of prices in public tenders.
  • Etc.

Please be aware that this channel is NOT a channel for service complaints and claims. These are dealt with through “Contact”   or by the corresponding Departments.

How do I communicate or complain about misconduct?

The company has made the following email address available in order to present complaints: Serious breaches or queries related to the Code of Ethics may be communicated and resolved in confidence using this email address. Read Data protection policy.

Anyone may communicate misconduct through providing the following:

  • The identity of the complainant (name and surname)
  • The facts, person or collective that is the object of the complaint.
  • Arguments and evidence in support of the complaint that are true and specific.

Your complaint will go to the designated body for analysis and in order that the required measures are adopted to mitigate the same, and as appropriate, to make the complaint available to the competent authorities.

Your collaboration is fundamental in order to detect serious or very serious misconduct within the company that affects society as a whole. Thanking you in advance for your invaluable collaboration.


Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics
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Guiding Principles

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