Integrated management system

Integrated management system

At Clece we have created an integrated management system which reflects our commitment to sustainable growth and to:

  • Satisfy our clients (Service Quality, Food Safety, Technological Innovation, and Information Security).
  • Protect our employees (Occupational Risk Prevention, Corporate Social Responsibility).
  • Benefit our users (protection and confidentiality of information).
  • RRespect our environment (environmental management) and compliance with current legal provisions.


Whether our customers are internal or external, client satisfaction matters to us.  We focus our efforts on fulfilling expectations and anticipating needs, which is reflected in the results of our customer satisfaction surveys.

669days each year of external and internal audit
100% of our companies have Quality certification
8 / 10 Average customer satisfaction

ISO 9001

UNE 158101

UNE 158201

UNE 158301

UNE 158401


Our actions are based on respect for the environment. We work together to mitigate to the maximum any impact which our activity may generate and we use environmentally responsible products and services.

90% of our companies have environmental certification
1 gardens are EMAS [European Eco-Management and Audit System] compliant
2 Children’s’ Play Areas are UNE [Spanish Standard] 1176 compliant

ISO 14001


Within its strategic management guidelines, Clece includes new developments and innovative technological solutions for improving materials, products and processes used in its services. We do this in order to provide maximum added value, positioning the company as a leader in its sector, and improving productivity and client satisfaction. .

6 projects certified as compliant under UNE 166001 and Royal Decree 1432/2003

UNE 166002

UNE 166001

Information security

Information security is a fundamental principle in the way we organize our company. This principle not only refers to information security but also to confidentiality, integrity and the availability of personal data, business information or information on the premises where we have a presence.

ISO 27001

Food safety

Clece takes action to control risks to the entire food chain in order to ensure that prepared food maintains its qualities and properties and is safe at the point of human consumption.  Clece supports a healthy, safe and sustainable diet.

6.258 annual checks analysed
1.099 health and hygiene audits completed
8 / 10 average client satisfaction