The aim of this national level edition III is to highlight the best projects undertaken by social entities, to give an award to the best work in journalism, and to recognise the most prominent personality in the fight against gender-based violence.




The winners of the third edition of the Compromiso Awards were:

'Best Social Project' Award

The Deméter por la Igualdad Association of Malaga

For their project: “Comprehensive care and intervention for the young children of women who are victims of gender-based violence”

Aim: the program seeks to empower mothers as educators and alleviate the consequences that arise from the exposure of mothers and children to gender-based violence.

Beneficiaries: there are 240 attendees annually.


The ARED Foundation of Barcelona

For their project: “Social and workplace integration of women who are victims of gender-based violence”

Aim: the program seeks to improve the personal, professional and financial autonomy of women who participate and to achieve their integration into the workplace.

Beneficiaries: there are 25 direct beneficiaries, who are living in poverty and who experience social exclusion.


The Nova Feina Foundation of Valencia

For their project: “Dona Impuls”

Aim: this project seeks to improve the employability of victims through action focused on social and workplace orientation and support and a helping hand through an active job search process.

Beneficiaries: the program has 15 beneficiaries over 18 years of age and in particular focuses on women who are older than 45, where their age is a major barrier to accessing the employment market.


'Best Journalism' Award

Chelo Tuya
Journalist for “El Comercio”

Work: for articles written over the course of the special #cuestiondetod@s week and published in the Asturian daily newspaper as part of the International Day For the Elimination of Gender-Based Violence Against Women 2016.


Arturo Checa
Journalist for “Las Provincias”

Work: for articles published in the Valencian newspaper: “Abuse Starts with the Young”, “Enemy Father” and “Mistakes Following Abuse”.


Special Jury Award

Carmen Quintanilla Barba
President of Afammer

For her experience and firm commitment to victims and social issues. Her constant and untiring fight against gender-based violence has been recognised on numerous occasions. Amongst others, through the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality Award in 2014 and the Menina Award of the Regional Government of Andalusia in Spain in 2014.

Special Mentions

Icíar Bollaín
Film Director

Work: representing the potential of culture and cinema to make social problems like gender-based violence visible and to generate debate on this issue.

EFE Agency
Society Section

Work: teamwork and personal commitment to awareness raising about gender-based violence. Over the last year, the work of journalists in the Society Section has resulted in the dissemination of 900 reports reflecting all aspects of the problem in a rigorous and professional way.



Jury President

Luis Lorente
Film director, script-writer, and director of the film “Rotas”.


Maria José Ordóñez
Government Representative on Gender-Based Violence.

Lucía del Carmen Cerón Hernández
Director of the Institute for Women and Equality of Opportunity.

Ángeles Carmona Vergara
President of the Domestic and Gender-Based Violence Observatory.

Marta Ariño Barrera
CEO G+J España.

Fernando Grande-Marlaska

Gemma Nierga

Cristóbal Valderas Alvarado
President of Clece.