The award ceremony for the second edition of the Compromiso Awards took place on 19th May at the Navigation Pavilion in Seville. During the event, award-winning projects were presented in four categories; people at risk of social exclusion, victims of gender-based violence, people with disabilities, and elderly people.

The judges’ panel, which has strong links to these social collectives and understands their social reality, chose the winners after evaluating 173 submissions from social entities which work in Andalucía, Ceuta and Melilla. The Panel’s Chairman, the journalist Nuria del Saz, congratulated all of the projects presented and highlighted the value of the Clece Social project.



Nuria del Saz
Journalist and writer.


José Manuel Vargas Prado
Player and wheel-chair basketball trainer.

José Antonio Carrizosa Esquivel
Director of the newspaper Diario de Sevilla.

Alicia Martínez Martín
Popular Party Deputy in the Regional Government of Andalucía.

María Isabel Albás Vives
Ciudadanos Party Deputy in the Regional Government of Andalucía.

Gonzalo Rivas Rubiales
General Manager for People with Disabilities of the Regional Government of Andalucía.

Miguel Ángel Román Ortiz
Area Director for Dependency and Autonomy at the Agency for Social Services and Dependency of Andalucía.

Cristóbal Valderas Alvarado
Chairman of Clece.


The winners of the second edition of the Compromiso Awards are:

'Social Exclusion' category

Arca Empleo for their project
“Including the excluded”

Purpose: to support and accompany people from disadvantaged collectives. To give social-workplace support which is integrated and intensive across different intervention areas (personal aspects linked to employment and occupation; transversal and technical competences; routes to employability; business creation; business intermediation; and follow-up).

Beneficiaries: Each year, 50 people at risk of exclusion participate in this project.


'Victims of gender-based violence' category

Adoratrices Community of Almería

Purpose: to offer residential and health support and the social and work-place integration of women who are victims of trafficking in sexual exploitation.

Beneficiaries: More than 2,500 women


'People with Disabilities' category

CADI, Care Centre for Children’s Development
“Inclusive Sport”

Purpose: to promote, drive and organise alternative leisure and sport activities such as sailing, skiing, cycling or swimming for children with disabilities or special needs in order to improve their quality of life, autonomy and independence.

Beneficiaries: 21 children with functional differences.


'Elderly People' category

DYA-R Association

Purpose: to implement a citizenship model based on the principles of social cohesion and elderly people as a source of dynamism in their municipality. Among its principal tools is the organisation of inter-generational meetings.

Beneficiaries: around 80 elderly people.