Clece integrates 169 women victims of gender-based violence within its workforce

Clece integrates 169 women victims of gender-based violence within its workforce

As part of its social project, Clece has hired 169 victims of gender-based violence within the space of a year. The aim is to support full recovery and social integration through work.

Clece’s “Project 139” largely explains the significant advance in hiring this collective, which has seen an increase of 35% on the previous year.

The name “Project 139” comes from the commitment Clece made in November 2017 at the III Compromiso Awards to hire 139 victims of gender-based violence. It is a symbolic figure that represents the number of entries received in the category Best Social Project.

Self-Esteem and Autonomy

“We have not only met our objective, but have done it in record time, also exceeding the target number of people to hire. We are very pleased about what is our own small contribution to the social outcry and struggle against gender-based violence. A job opportunity at the right time helps women to move forwards” maintains José Valderas Elizaga, Director of Communications and Institutional Relations.

According to Iñigo Camilleri, who is responsible for Recruitment at Clece, “A job encourages self-esteem, autonomy, financial independence and the women’s recovery. Clearly, integration is not always easy. It needs resources and very personalised follow-up. But it is also true that the link to the company, the trust and engagement this generates between the employer and the worker, and the working environment created, are very rewarding. Integration has two-way benefits”.

In order to support the workplace integration of victims of gender-based violence, Clece works with more than 120 associations that are dedicated to this collective. Clece forms part of the Company Network for a Society Free of Gender-Based Violence, promoted by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality. Its objective is to raise awareness in society about this scourge and to promote inclusion of victims within the workplace. Clece was recognised by the Government in 2016 for its work in this field and is also the only company invited by the UN to present its model of workplace integration for women who are victims of gender-based violence.