Clece Nursery Schools Win Awards from Grupo Siena

Clece Nursery Schools Win Awards from Grupo Siena

The publishing group Siena’s professional magazine Escuela Infantil [Nursery School] has for the second year running recognised Clece’s Nursery School educational project through presenting two awards and three special mentions at the third edition of the Nursery School Awards.

Out of 50 finalists in this edition, a total of 19 projects were presented by nursery schools managed by Clece. They obtained awards in two out of the five categories: Language, Communication and Emotions, and Extra-Curricular. The awards were given to the following educational teams:

  • A Language, Communication and Emotions Award for 0-3 classes went to Miriam Velasco Pesquera, of the “Pinto Pinto” Nursery School in Laguna de Duero (Valladolid) for her project “Nomeolvides”. The main objective is to develop the communication capabilities of pupils from 0 to 3 years old and the way in which they express themselves, also encouraging other capacities such as observation, exploring surroundings, and emotional capabilities.
  • An award for Extracurricular Activities for Special Educational Needs went to Anna Llobet, Ariadna Imbers and Noemí Quevedo from the “El Patufet” Nursery School in Sant Quirze del Vallés, Barcelona, for their Early Care service. The objective is to offer an integrated service based on a prevention, detection and early therapeutic intervention framework.  Interventions are multi-disciplinary, regular and global and take place in an environment that is familiar to the children and their families.

The special mentions were:

  • A special mention from the jury for Rocío Mazo Rodríguez, for her “Eureka” project at the “Platero y Yo” Nursery School in Moguer, Huelva. The Eureka sessions are for pupils from 2-3 years old and encourage concentration capability, experimenting with objects, understanding their characteristics, forms and textures and relating objects with others.  The main aim is for boys and girls to learn independently, helping them to structure thinking at their own pace.
  • A special mention from the jury for Ana Salazar Magaña, for her project “Educación Compartida” at the Anec Bressol Municipal School, in Santa Coloma Gramenet (Barcelona). This involves the integration of families within the school’s day-to-day activities, achieving a more relaxed environment and improving the self-confidence and security of boys and girls.
  • There was a special mention from the jury for Marta Alonso and Patricia de los Bueis for their “Pequeños Aprendices de Sueños” experience, provided at the “Mafalda y Guille” Nursery School in Valladolid. This educates boys and girls of 2-3 years old in equality. It seeks to involve families in generating behavioural changes and way the children express themselves.

Edition III of the Nursery School Awards took place on 15th March at the University Camilo José Cela campus, in Calle Almagro, Madrid.  A total of 15 educational teams representing nurserys and centres from all parts of Spain won awards and four gained special mentions from the jury.