Profesionalidad y Conducta

Professionalism and conduct

Clece has put together an Ethical Principles document on guidelines for action and conduct required from all its employees. .

As a means of auditing these principles and their follow-up, we provide a reporting channel so that the different groups involved with CLECE – employees, customers, suppliers, etc., can communicate their grievances or complaints.

You only have to identify yourself and record the reason for your communication. CLECE guarantees confidentiality and commits to adopt those actions which may be necessary in each case.

Complaints Channel

Using this channel, any individual can communicate irregular conduct in any of the companies which form part of the Clece Group.

For this purpose, the company has an email address ( and a postal address (Canal de denuncias, Grupo Clece, calle Quintanavides 19, 28050 Madrid, Spain) through which you can communicate compliance failures or resolve issues related to the “Ethical Principles” defined by the Company’s directors.

Complaints which are communicated must state the following:

  • The identity of the complainant (name and surname).
  • The facts, the person, or collective which is the subject of the complaint.
  • Basis for or true and precise proof which supports the complaint.

The facts which are the subject of the complaint are dealt with by the Follow-Up Committee. The Committee studies complaints and adopts those measures necessary to at all times guarantee the strict confidentiality of the complainant.

Ethical Principles

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General Code of Conduct

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