NDAVANT awarded Etiqueta Responsable certification in Sixth Catalonian Responsibility Week

NDAVANT awarded Etiqueta Responsable certification in Sixth Catalonian Responsibility Week

  • The initiative is by the Asociación + Responsables for businesses and organisations that have publicised their 10 + 1 social responsibility commitments. 

Barcelona, December 2015. Ndavant, the Clece company specialising in school canteen services and educational free time, has been awarded Etiqueta Responsable certification, promoted by Ingeniería Social, SAL and the Asociación + Responsables, in recognition of the company’s good practices in social responsibility.

The certification was collected by Rosa Llamas Varela, a social delegate at Clece, during the official opening of the Sixth Catalonian Responsibility Week, which was attended by various figures from the Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona city council, Barcelona provincial council and “La Caixa” Bank Foundation.

Catalonian Responsibility Week completed its sixth edition this year with an intense programme designed to raise awareness of good practices, highlight those already working with Corporate Social Responsibility criteria, foster volunteering, provide needed tools and showcase success stories. Accordingly, from 10 to 14 November a series of conferences, talks, workshops and open-door sessions were held, with involvement from organisations such as UDON, Recamlaser, Ndavant, Nestlé, Kromschoreder, Bermos, Redyser, Hospital Platón, the Catalonian Media Corporation, the Catalonian Oncology Institute, the Claror Foundation and Can Cet. 

Etiqueta Responsable is a form of certification that is supported and recognised by Barcelona city council, and which is awarded to companies and/or organisations that are committed to socially and environmentally responsible management, by providing a simple tool with which to inform clients of the added value of their business/organisation, based on 11 specific questions on how they operate socially, economically and environmentally. Similarly, by obtaining this certification, businesses are forced to conduct a transparency exercise and open their doors at least once a year as part of the Responsibility Week, to explain to and show their different interest groups the steps they have taken that merit Etiqueta Responsable certification.