Clece’s social project wins Senda Prize for innovative initiative

Clece’s social project wins Senda Prize for innovative initiative

  • The Clece Social website has been recognised for its versatile structure, which helps raise awareness in society of the situation faced by elderly people
  • Queen Sofía presided over the award ceremony, held in Madrid

Madrid, July 2015. The social project of Clece has been awarded the Senda Prize for 2015 in the category of innovative initiative, as a result of its commitment to raising awareness of problems affecting elderly people, through its website

This online project was launched only five months ago and focuses on centralising the social work carried out by Clece, by providing elderly people with resources and with structure. And the website has a double aim: to facilitate the flow of information about the company’s various activities relating to its commitment to various disadvantaged social groups, such as the elderly, and to make that activity accessible to the public through the stories of people who form part of the Clece world.

The Clece Social website has therefore been recognised with this award for its having an affective and innovative structure that makes it easy to identify the stories, learn about them first hand and obtain all the necessary information to present them to society in an accessible way. The project has been driven by a team of social delegates and an editorial and production team, all working together with flexibility to shape these stories through a content manager.

The Clece Social website already features 53 published stories, 16 of which deal with elderly people, and there have been more than 14,000 hits on the pages so far.

For the Clece chairman, Cristóbal Valderas, “this award is a hugely important recognition for our social project, in which every day we provide support and help for people from disadvantaged social groups such as the elderly, thanks to the day-to-day work of our staff and through major awareness-raising initiatives using tools such as the Clece Social website”.