Clece wins Incorpora Award from Obra Social La Caixa

Clece wins Incorpora Award from Obra Social La Caixa

Recognition for helping 25 people at risk of exclusion find work in Castile and León

28 October 2014. The Obra Social La Caixa Foundation has given Clece the Castile and León Incorpora Award in the ‘Large Business’ category for the company’s commitment to hiring people at risk of social exclusion. Specifically, the award recognises the fact that 25 people in this situation were given work in the region in 2013.

In granting this award, the jury assessed the geographic scope of the collaboration with Clece in Castile and León. Also taken into account were the number of people hired, the social groups they came from and the type of contract. Accordingly, in 2103 Clece managed a total of 46 job offers in the provinces of Burgos, Palencia, Soria and Valladolid, hiring 25 people, four of whom were given permanent jobs. Collaboration on training programmes and with special employment centres was also assessed positively.

The award, which Clece shares in this category with the San Luis hospital in Palencia, was collected by Vicente Ortega, Director of the North-East Regional Division at a ceremony held in Valladolid. Ortega dedicated the award to the 25 people who found work at Clece, because “this award is all about them. Their stories and their experience of overcoming adversity are an example to us all”.

The Castile and León Incorpora Programme of the Obra Social La Caixa Foundation is a labour brokerage based on the needs of the existing social and business fabric. It is made up of 21 social organisations that work together throughout the Castile and León region to help people from vulnerable social groups find work.