Clece advocates integration into workforce at the Catalonia Social Responsibility Week

Clece advocates integration into workforce at the Catalonia Social Responsibility Week

  • The fifth edition of the event emphasised the importance of CSR for companies in times of crisis.
  • Clece’s contribution dealt with the keys to the success of the firm’s social commitment, with specific cases of the company’s approach to integration.
  • In 2013 Clece took on more than a thousand people from disadvantaged social groups.

5 August 2014. Clece Group attended the fifth edition of the Catalonia Social Responsibility Week, which took place from 7 to 12 July in Barcelona. Selection and Development manager Iñigo Camilleri gave a speech titled Social Commitment at Clece. He dealt with the keys to success of the company’s social project, and presented specific cases of disadvantaged collectives.

Camilleri explained that one of the pillars of the company is “working to give people with difficulties the opportunity to join the labour market”. This work is “easy for this company because we have the support of senior management and a high levels of awareness among middle managers, which means no prejudices or stereotypes”. AS a result of the company’s priority in securing work for people who find it hard to find a job, in the past year more than a thousand people from vulnerable social groups have joined the company, including women who have suffered gender-based violence, people with disabilities and people at risk of social exclusion.

Clece Group was one of more than 50 companies that took part in this edition of the Catalonia Social Responsibility Week, organised by Ingeniería Social, SAL and the Asociación + Responsables. The role played by the participating organisations, and the active involvement of the public, meant that once again the event was able to achieve its objective: to highlight how important CSR is in the management of businesses, organisations and public administration. During the event showcased how profitable social responsibility policies can be for organisations, particularly in times of crisis. The fact is that applying these policies reaps great rewards, such an efficient use of resources, standing out in an increasingly global market, managing change and controlling the business procurement chain.

Clece seeks to to promote equal opportunities by integrating people with particular difficulties. And by doing so it complies with the mainstay of its social commitment: people. The company’s CSR policy goes beyond its management system to become something that is inherent to the company, a way of interpreting how business should be done.