Clece and Fesbal step up food donation collaboration

Clece and Fesbal step up food donation collaboration

  • The two organisations will extend the initiatives they have been implementing jointly at the local and regional level.
  • The agreement forms part of Clece’s social commitment to helping socially vulnerable people achieve integration.

5 June 2014. Clece and the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (Fesbal) have signed an agreement to regulate and increase their collaboration the purchase, collection and donation of food items.

The agreement was signed at the Federation’s offices by Cristóbal Valderas Alvarado, managing director of Clece, and Juan Raúl Sanz Jiménez, managing director of Fesbal.

The agreement means that the collaboration initiatives that the two organisations had been carrying out will now be regulated, through different local and regional initiatives. According to the terms of the agreement, Clece agrees to donate food products, which will be delivered to Fesbal-associated food banks in Spain, so that food can be provided for people in need.

Cristóbal Valderas Alvarado spoke of his satisfaction with the agreement, because “it means another step forward in the fruitful relationship that we have developed in recent years. At Clece we want to take part, we want to help society achieve wellbeing, particularly among the most socially unprotected people out there. The work carried out by Fesbal in this regard deserves all our support, and being able to form part of that is an opportunity to strengthen our social commitment and turn it into facts. It is as necessary now as raising awareness and donating food.”

According to Juan Raúl Sanz Jiménez, “this is one more example of Clece’s compatible value creation, which means value not just for the company, but for society as well. It means understanding that poverty is a social disease, which in Spain affects 27.3 per cent of the population at risk of social exclusion (with higher incidence among children of infant age) and which, with the essential food items in the family basket that you are delivering to us today, help us to provide families with life and comfort”.

The signing of the agreement with Fesbal forms part of Clece’s social project, which is based on helping people from vulnerable social groups find work, keep their job and improve the quality of life of the most socially unprotected groups in society. As a result of such a commitment, Clece works jointly with more than 200 social associations and foundations.